Pregnancy Education

1st Way uses curriculum from Earn While You Learn, a program designed specifically for the young mothers (and fathers) who visit our Center. The curriculum is written in simple and easily understood language and covers important information from the first trimester to a few months after birth. This curriculum will give you a glimpse into the life growing inside you and the amazing developments happening along the way. It also helps you know what to expect as your pregnancy progresses. The Earn While You Learn curriculum is divided into packets covering large subjects like Pregnancy, Parenting, Life Skills, Fatherhood, and many others.

While you are learning, you earn points by completing a lesson, turning in homework, or keeping appointments. These points can then be “spent” on items for both you and your child: infant and maternity clothing, diapers and wipes, baby furniture and other supplies you may need during your pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.